Bridge Financing

You’re pressed for time.

And time is of the essence.

Hard money loans and Bridge Financing are financing options that are secured by real estate property or other collateral to ensure that the lender’s advances are protected. These loans are put up by investors or financial firms and are further secured by adding interest payments to the repayment plan. Due to the duration of these loans being shorter than many typical loans and due to the higher risk associated with hard money lending, the interest rates tend to be higher than traditional loans. Hard money loans are usually the loans of choice for shorter term deals with higher turnover rates. Hard money loans are also sought in cases of distressed real estate and bankruptcy where financing is needed more urgently.

Our bridge financing options allow you to:

  • Build wealth and diversify your portfolio.

  • Use a short-term lending tool that offers maximum gain in the long run.

  • Finance investment projects, renovate or develop a property and then sell it for a profit.

  • Own a property directly without laying out hefty sums up front.

  • Avoid costly penalty fees.


  • Speed & Convenience: Obtain funding for your investment property quickly – without the red tape that comes along with bank financing. No need to deviate from your completion target date.

  • Value & Profit: You can use our funding to increase the worth of your property exponentially – by paying just a small percentage of the cost upfront. Raising your property value allows you to become eligible for even greater refinancing options, later on.

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