Dov Braun

Charles Sussman
Partner and COO

Charles Sussman began his career in Derma-Rite, a national manufacturer of skin care products. Throughout the next 10 years, he was involved in every aspect of the manufacturing process from sourcing through production.


Charles sourced products globally, identifying new suppliers and improving the company’s negotiating leverage, brokered purchase agreements with vendors that saved the company $750,000 in his first year on the job (and millions annually in subsequent years), spearheaded an initiative to implement new software which gave the company better accuracy with regards to inventory tracking, forecasting, costing and billing, and streamlined the manufacturing process, speeding production time up by 300%.


Charles brings all the business smarts, principles and experience that helped him build Derma-Rite into the successful empire it became to Nexus, leading the day to day operations and sourcing the capital that funds all of our deals. He also invests millions of his own money in real estate deals and has been involved in north of $350MM of real estate transactions.

Aaron Zlotowitz
Partner and Chief Lending Officer

Aaron Zlotowitz began his career in Eastern Union Funding, a top 10 mortgage brokerage. He originated loans, analyzed deals, negotiated with lenders, managed deal flow, oversaw a division with 20 employees and was involved in $1,700,000,000 of real estate transactions.

In Nexus, Aaron is responsible for overseeing originations and executing the firm’s lending strategies. He has been a driving force in helping Nexus achieve the rapid growth that it has experienced since its inception.

Shimon Munk
Senior Loan Officer

Charged with origination and business development, Shimon brings years of experience handling some of the largest clients of Ira Zlotowitz – President of Eastern Union Funding – on the brokerage side of the mortgage business. He is well versed in the art of lead generation, having personally originated $300,000,000+ of deals, and his experience runs the gamut of everything it takes to get a deal to close.