Mezzanine Loans

You’ve got lots of obligations to attend to.

We can get you across the bridge in the meantime.

Mezzanine loans are unsecured capital loans, often used to fulfill debts and restructure other loans. Due to its structure, mezzanine debts are the last to be fulfilled in the event of a default, as all other secured liens take precedence over it. This lowest tier loan has the highest costs associated with it. With the right conditions, these loans can usually get approval quicker than other types of financing.

Mezzanine loans are typically sought by investors with an immediate cash flow need. These loans are also used by investors to quickly boost their property’s worth, thus enabling them to qualify for refinancing for the longer term.

Our mezzanine loans allow you to:

  • Borrow money, short-term, until you can secure more substantial financing options from the bank.

  • Gain time to recompense prior debt.

  • Have an immediate cash flow to meet current obligations and cover smaller real estate operational costs.

  • Use the property itself as a collateral for your loan.


  • Receive the financing that you need quickly. Obtain funds more easily than through standard bank financing.

  • Support capital growth and acquisition costs securely. Gain more in capital for your immediate use.

  • Increase your property worth. Become eligible for better refinancing options from the bank.

Fee Structure:

Our approach towards arranging gap financing solutions is fluid. We customize our fee scale based on your circumstances, the size of your loan and your considerations.
Typical time period: 4-6 months.