Soft Deposit

It’s the deal you’ve been waiting for.

We’re here to make it happen.

One of the largest barriers facing real estate buyers today is a temporary deficit of liquid capital.
At Nexus Capital, we believe that, whether your liquid assets are currently tied up in a deal or you’re waiting from cash from another sale, a momentary lack of liquidity should never hold you back from the deal of a lifetime.

With a Nexus Capital Soft Deposits, you can:

Get your soft deposit 100% funded by us, buying you additional time to finance your real estate transaction! Your soft deposit is held in our single purpose LLC to show the seller you’re serious about the purchase.

  • Tailored to borrower’s needs

  • NO credit checks or appraisals

  • NO hidden fees

  • Fully Refundable*

Fees are always less than 1 % of total purchase price, whether or not you choose to move forward on the contract!
Transaction fee: 1.5–3% / Success fee: 3–5%

* should the buyer elect to terminate the contract at any point during the due diligence period.

Get time on your side!

Soft deposits afford buyers additional time to secure debt and equity. During this time, buyers can do their due diligence and make sure that their greater investment will be a sound one.

100% Confidentiality. Guaranteed.

When you partner with Nexus Capital, you can be sure that all of your transactions are 100% confidential.

How our soft deposits work

Nexus reviews the buyer’s contract within 24-48 hours.

A single use LLC is created.

Buyer purchases option from Nexus.

Contract with seller is signed; Deposit is funded.

Buyer moves forward with deal; purchases LLC from Nexus.


Buyer retracts the offer: contract terminated.

How our soft deposits work

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